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Directed by CLAUS DREXEL

Status : Completed

Country : France

Originale Title : America

Year : 2018

Language : English

Domestic Release : Diaphana Distribution, March 14, 2018

Genre : Documentary

Runtime : 85 min


November 2016: the United States is about to elect its new president.

In Arizona, home of the modern cowboy and symbol of a civilization gone self- destructive, the bruised sons and daughters of the American dream share their hopes and fears.

America is a portrait of those at the margins of society and a vertiginous dive in the heart of the United States.Russia, today.
Egor is a 25-year-old veterinarian on a rural farm which doubles as a hunting dog special training center using domesticated foxes. He is a grown man, but deep inside he is a child and it’s easier for him to get along with animals than with people.

In desperate need of a controlled environment after a violent past relationship with his mother, all he wants is to care for the animals and to feel part of the close-knit family he works for.

When animal rights activists invade this fragile microcosm, throwing off its delicate balance, Egor’s world begins to crumble...




Ibrahim Maalouf (In the Forests of Siberia – César Award for Best Original Music, Jalil Lespert’s Yves-Saint-Laurent)

Gloria Films (Nothingwood, Lamb)
Arte France Cinéma