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Take a Chance on Me
Directed by Jean-Pierre Ameris

Status . Complete

Country . France

Original Title . Marie-Line et son juge

Year . 2023

Language . French

Domestic Release . ARP

Genre . Drama

Runtime. 103min


Normandy, France.

Marie-Line (20) is juggling between odd jobs to support her agoraphobic father. Despite the precariousness of their lifestyle, she remains a lively and cheerful young woman. Yet, after a series of unfortunate events, she is fired from her job and sentenced by a judge to a small penalty. A few days later, this very judge will be in a position to help her get back on track – a chance for Marie-Line but also the beginning of an unlikely friendship.


Jean-Pierre Ameris


Louane Emera (The Bélier Family)

Michel Blanc (Good Doctor)


Denis Carot & Sophie Revil at Escazal Films (France)