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All the Dead Ones
Directed by Caetano Gotardo & Marco Dutra

Status . Completed

Country . Brazil, France

Original Title . Todos os Mortos

Year . 2020

Language . Brazilian portuguese

French Release . Jour 2 Fête

Genre . Drama

Runtime . 120 mins


The fast growing city of São Paulo, Brazil, 1899. A few years after slavery has been abolished.

The three women of the Soares family, former owners of lands and slaves, just came back to the city. Lost after the death of their last housemaid, they struggle to adapt to the changes in Brazil.

At the same time, the Nascimento family, who used to work as slaves in the Soares estate, are now facing a society in which there is no space for the recently freed black people.

Between Brazil’s past and present, out of place, they all fight to survive in the modern world.


Caetano Gotard & Marco Dutra


Carolina Bianchi
Mawusi Tulani
Clarissa Kiste (3% Netflix TV Series)
Thaia Perez (Aquarius)
Rogério Brito (3% Netflix TV Series)

Thomás Aquino (Bacurau)
Leonor Silveira (Gebo and the Shadow, The Strange Case of Angelica)


Hélène Louvart (Happy as Lazzaro, Maya, Petra)


Dezenove Som e Imagens (Good Manners)
Good Fortune Films (Hannah, Good Manners)


Berlinale 2020 - Competition

“Serious ambition and imagination…
considerable visual elegance… strong acting”