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Directed by Olivier Babinet

Status : Completed

Country : France, Belgium

Originale Title : Poissonsexe

Year : 2020

Language : French

Domestic Release : Rezo

Genre : Dramedy

Runtime : 89 min


French Atlantic coast. Near Future. Spring.

The sea has become infested with jellyfish since fish can no longer reproduce. Daniel Luxey, a biologist charged with unravelling this mystery, is obsessed with becoming a father, Statistically he has only 1 chance in 6,233.33 of meeting a woman likely to share his dream.

Lucie, a young woman with a sharp sense of humour, relieves her constant melancholy with a passion for the subtle language of piranhas. When Daniel fixes a date with Lucie through a dating app, he comes across a strange fish caught in a net – a fish named Nietzsche – and circumstances finally become favorable for him to find what he has been truly lacking: love.




Gustave Kervern (Saint Amour, Mammuth)
India Hair (Bloody Milk, Staying Vertical, Camille Rewinds)
Ellen Dorrit Petersen (Thelma, Blind, Shelley)

Comme des Cinéma (Naomi Kawase’s films, Asako I & II, Harmonium) Tarantula (Pasolini, Nico, 1988)